Because of collective ignorance, stupidity and fantasy.

Some may have read about the recent “honor killings” of two young girls in Pakistan. They had inflicted a great stain upon the honor of their family by dancing happily in the rain. Here is a video presented yesterday at PJ Media’s Trifecta.

To refer to the perpetrators of such crimes as subhuman is to dishonor apes and rattlesnakes. However, that seems to be a far from universal view, even in the United States and Formerly Great Britain.

Pat Condell recently had this to say about the religion of peace:

Anjem Choydary is a “peace loving” Islamist who

is urging his followers [in England] to sign up as recruits to the newly-launched Islamic Emergency Defence — which vows to create a network of “task forces” to redress wrongs and mete out instant justice.

He also seems to enjoy converting young Brits…

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